How to rent our houseboat in Kerala

Our houseboat cost 10,000 INR per night and our cruise was for two days starting and finishing in the morning. You can book through the Ayana’s Houseboats website or Holiday Lettings website. or contact the owner, Hashim directly at or on (+91) 98460 75 978

If you’re looking for someone to help you find a houseboat in Alleppey, we wholeheartedly recommend seeking out tuk-tuk driver Kabeer who can be reached on 9895860674 or

We took a tuk-tuk all the way from Alleppey with Kabeer who I mentioned in the Alleppey section of our Kerala itinerary post. After Kabeer helped us to find a houseboat in Alleppey, he showed us a book filled with compliments from previous customers. We noticed that lots of people had praised his route from Alleppey to Kochi where he takes the quiet coastal road and stops along the way at various sights and beautiful beaches. It was more expensive (1000 IDR) than taking the bus but well worth it for the things we saw (Chinese fishing nets, a church in the shape of a boat, crafts villages and Marrari beach). Kabeer was also great company. His contact details are 9895860674 or


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