What 20 somethings should learn…now.


From Harita Vinnakota on Quora

  1. Learn to create and update your CV or LinkedIn profile
  2. Learn to cook yourself meals, at least know to make 7–8 dishes well
  3. Learn to flirt well, when required ( keep it witty & classy)
  4. Figure out how to have a conversation with someone you share nothing in common with.. ( this is unbelievably handy)
  5. Learn to be single & enjoyYou
  6. But also learn to make compromises for the one you love
  7. Learn to evolve – Your moral compass will change, you will grow, your opinions will change, don’t be too stuck up
  8. Learn to let go – not just arguments & things but also people at times ( could be friends at time)
  9. Learn to iron your formal clothes
  10. Learn to remove standard stains off your cherished clothes
  11. Be ok with some blood, a small cut, a couple of stitches won’t kill you
  12. Learn to convey bad news – be firm but kind. Please don’t break up over text
  13. Learn to read a map ( this sounds easy but I am still struggling with it); google maps/ GPS is not always an option
  14. Learn to sleep on the floor if need be…
  15. Figure out how to speak to your parents about everything…
  16. Learn to hold and rock a baby ( even if you decide never to have your own)
  17. Learn to shut up when not asked for opinion
  18. Learn to drive and change a tire ( if you were too busy with JEE and SATs in your pre 20 years)
  19. Learn to pack light and leave on a jet plane without an elaborate plan
  20. Make health a priority, it’s easier to start in your 20s than any later
  21. Learn to make a good PPT from scratch (now I know some professions don’t need this, but I can’t think of any) 🙂
  22. Either learn to do at least 7–8 solid shots in a row or figure out a way to rock the party without alcohol (I understand from people, tha latter is very much possible)
  23. Learn to say NO, firm, no explanations required (apparently it’s a complete statement in itself)
  24. Learn some dance moves, sometimes it’s helpful to not embarrass the one you re trying to impress
  25. Learn to do your Dishes, wash your clothes, clean your toilet and sweep the floor… (worst of all if something falls into the toilet, don’t flush it further – take it out, its disgusting but it will happen once and you have to be ok with it)
  26. Some scars are almost permanent, make peace with it … learn to flaunt them, sometimes its sexy ( it is right? Or am I the only creep)
  27. Learn to make peace with breaking some hearts (inevitable, be kind); learn to fix your broken heart without hating the one who unintentionally broke it (no you will not learn this as a teen)
  28. Figure out how to get over a person .. ( so so important .. get girl friends to support and help, take up a intense hobby, work out, work 16–18 hours a day)
  29. Learn to do your taxes (please…..)
  30. Learn to seduce and be sexy, don’t shy away from suggesting positions, places and fantasies – of course with a consenting partner

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